Love Noir

So, funny thing.  I was sitting on the steps of an old 50s era building, waiting for my buddy to come by so we could go to dinner and to a Pink Floyd cover band concert.  Low and behold a lovely lady walks by and is giving me the look around.  I didn’t know what to think.  Well, it turns out that we started talking and that she had just finished recording an album in the studio right next to the building I was sitting.  She goes inside the building.  My friend arrives.  Something instinctively told me to give her my business card, so I do.  She calls me up, introduces herself as Annie Cook, a musician obviously, we talk and make plans to have breakfast.  We meet a couple weeks later and she tells me “Hey man, you know what would be groovy?”  I say “ummmm what?”  She retorts “You can be Lover Noir!”  I’m like “WTF are you talking about?”   Turns out she was shooting a music video to accompany the album she had just recorded.  Me, being the sort of cool, calm and collected guy say “Hey, why not?”  2 months later this is what’s produced.  I’m quite happy with it if I must say so myself!  I play Lover Noir in this music video.