VEEP – Episode 308

Wow, this was fun gig.  I had never watched the show and came out as background and ended up being featured as Mark, a campaign staffer for Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ Vice President character.

Funny story.  I’m sitting there getting set up on a scene and I’m looking at this very dapper gentleman with a beard.  Salt and pepper hair.  Since I had never watched the show before, it was a bit of mystery as to who the gentleman was.  Well, you hear “action!” and then the two main characters are talking while the background is surrounding the desk, hence me and 7 or 8 more extras.  Then the man with the salt and pepper hair and beard starts to talk.  40 seconds into the scene, it hits me.  I’m saying to myself “Holy Crap, it’s Lumbergh (from Office Space)”.  None other than Gary Cole himself and I’m standing two feet in front of him.  As a person that has watched Office Space a million times, it was a privilege to see this man act.  Sharp as a tack.  On cue.  Everything.   Now I won’t give away any dialogue or anything, but it was fun being on this set.  I definitely want to go back.  Surprisingly, for background I was featured pretty prominently as Mark, the campaign staffer.

Vaughn BullardVaughn Bullard and Darrin Archer